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Why DigiLocal

DigiLocal is the manifestation of the founder’s idea that

“the ever-growing reach of the internet is a friend, and not a foe, of the local retailer.”

In fact, it is a friend that the local retailer needs, today.

 Why Us ?

We offer a one-stop solution. You interact with a single point-of-contact. No more multiple-vendor headaches.


We live, eat & breathe LOCAL. We are focused on local retailers & businesses.

We don’t speak jargon. We prefer to keep things simple. We don’t wish to impress you with complex industry terms. Rather, we would let our work do the talking.

We are available whenever YOU need us.

We do not charge you on per work–hour basis, unlike other agencies.

Lastly, we are a startup & we wish to grow. We will do whatever it takes to help your business grow.

We at


 aim to get local retail abreast with the tremendously fast growing digital world.

All, you have to do is choose us and make a new friend.

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